Wrentham Cable Access hours are from 9am through 5pm Monday - Friday. Call the station if you need access outside of those time frames. Have a bulletin you'd like to share with the community? Just call the station at 508-384-3888 and we'll be happy to help you out. Click our Facebook link below and Like us and keep abreast of all the action here at Cable 8....Also be sure to check out the Wrentham Cable 8 Community Calendar the most comprehesive community calendar in the town of Wrentham. All events in town from town meetings to church services to KP sports can found in one spot the Cable 8 Community Calendar...... Call the station at 508-384-3888 for more information. Cable 8 is now broadcasting two wonderful new shows. The first is called The Big Picture it is a program produced by the U.S.Army in the 194's and 50's about the US Army. It will air throughout the week check our schedule above for exact dates and times. The second show is called Throwback Theater. This show will bring you old films from the 30's - 60's you'll find a bit of everything from monster flicks to romance films. This show will air throughout the week again check dates and times using our schedule options above. *** Wrentham Cable 8 has passed a milestone. In September we finished our 4,000th new show since switching to digital technology. This is an extraodinary amount of programming to be created in such a short time period. It represents a volume of work that easily exceeds our closest contemporaries. GO WRENTHAM CABLE!
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The Big Picture -
This is a great new program which was produced by
the U.S. Army from 1930 through the 1960's. It is
basically a PR Program written, directed and filmed
by the Army, about the Army and was shown in
theaters to the US Taxpayers.  This show represents
a close look back at our Military and the role we
played in the world. A "Must See" program.
Retro Theater -
Do you like to watch old Movies? If
so Retro Theater was made for you.
This Great new Addition to the
Cable 8 Lineup. Retro Theater is a
local show made right here in
Wrentham and features old movies
from the 30', 40's and 50's packed
with stars like Judy Garland, Frank
Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, Stephanie
Powers and many many others.
Retro TV  will be shown on
Channel 8 & 39 Wednesdays at
11pm as well as other times
throughout the week. Be sure to
check our schedule above for exact
airdates and times.