Wrentham Cable Access Summer hours are from 9am through 4pm Monday - Friday. Call the station if you need access outside of those time frames. Congratulations to Wrentham Cable Access employee Jack Winterson on winning the Massachusetts State Fire Safety Video Contest he was recognized for his video at a ceremony in July. Have a bulletin you'd like to share with the community? Just call the station at 508-384-6275 and we'll be happy to help you out. Watch our program listings for an exciting new show Eat Well & Be Happy a show starring noted chef and Author Debra Stark. The show will air Mondays at 8pm
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Eat Well, Be Happy comes to Cable 8. We welcome Chef & well
known cookbook author Debra Stark to Wrentham. Debra's show
will take the place of the long running "
All Fired Up" and bring a
new style of cuisine to Wrentham. The show is smart, technically
wonderful and a great addition to our line up.